First Filipino-authored blockchain book released

The very first Filipino-authored blockchain book has just been released.

Entitled “Blockchain: A Catalyst for Good Governance in the Philippines,” it is written by Blockchain Center owner, Jay Ricky Villarante.

In his blockchain book, Villarante makes the case for the technology and how it can be a tool that the Philippines can use to address “pressing issues that plague the archipelago today.”

“While industries and governments are slowly waking up to the technology’s potential in mobile payments and remittances, what many don’t realize is how truly game- changing it can be when used as part of a national development strategy, especially for emerging economies like the Philippines,” Villarante says in the book’s introduction.

What makes this blockchain book unique is that it is mainly based on the Philippine context. This is not an accident. According to the author, he purposely presented real-life cases in the Philippines which will show the pivotal role of the technology in various aspects of governance. This way, Villarante can prove that this technology has already helped with “specific areas of development” and that it merits serious consideration given the many “possibilities offered by blockchain technology.”

Villarante is quick to manage expectations, however. “No (one) technology will solve all of our problems, ” he says. “We will (also have to) talk about potential pitfalls and other implementation considerations.”

Despite the challenges, the author continues to believe in the power of the technology and hopes that such unwavering belief will translate in his blockchain book.  “Cryptocurrency lies the real revolution and the blockchain technology that powers it, ” Villarante says.

At 79 pages, Blockchain: A Catalyst for Good Governance in the Philippines is a manageable read especially for public servants, policy makers, economic planners, fintech professionals, and researchers. It is available in paperback, audio, and digital format on Amazon.

Villarante is also the founder of Blockchain startups Moneybees and Paylance and an early investor of Bloom Solutions.

Photo credit: Photograph by Amazon.

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