Fashion Special: Tracy Li

A software engineer by profession, blockchain enthusiast, makeup artist, enjoys pole dancing/ fitness

Often, women felt discouraged to participate in the blockchain industry because of its technical nature. As a woman in tech myself, I would like to be proactive in promoting gender inclusiveness because I believe that women can also bring invaluable contributions to different areas of this industry, such as legal, business and marketing.

In pursuit of information democracy and power diffusion, blockchain has become the holy grail of startup companies and enthusiasts. A technology capable of breaking centralization fuels my passion for this industry.

I’ve been living a repetitive career life over the past several years now. Architecting and writing web applications for the company that I work for, speaking and dealing with the same colleagues and clients for more than 15 years made me comfortable and confident in my own zone. But that changed when I became active in the blockchain community around February of this year, I suddenly felt like a newbie again. I am glad that I met people in the industry who were willing to mentor and share their knowledge and ideas, one of them was Mark Vernon, Founder of Tagcash. And as I gained more friends in the industry, I realized that I had to be more than a spectator. Hazel Natividad, an enthusiast like me, became one of my closest friends in the community. We share the vision of educating the people about blockchain and pushing it to mass adoption while promoting women involvement in the industry, hence, BitChikka.

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