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Before I joined BitChikka as a freelance writer, I honestly had no idea about blockchain. My interests were not in the slightest bit connected to the tech industry. I am a freelance writer, a restaurateur, a senior law student and an auditor rolled into one tiny human. In short, I have no business dealing with the blockchain platform. That changed when I wrote my first article about the technology.

“Reading about it was like opening Pandora’s Box. I was greeted with a plethora of possibilities of the application of blockchain to different industries such as those I am interested in. Blockchain promotes inclusiveness to an otherwise elite and intimidating industry. It penetrates multiple spheres of interests such as finance, cryptocurrency, governance, real estate, contractual relations, among others.”

I think this is the reason why it is so palatable even to ordinary people like me. It is palatable because it is relatable, and it is relatable because it is adaptable. It can be used to improve already existing systems in various fields. One needs not be an expert in programming or coding to understand blockchain. One only needs to arm himself with enough curiosity and eagerness to be educated.

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