Fashion Special: Mayo Okawa


I’m Mayo Okawa, and I’ve been a fashion model for more than ten years. One day I got a call from Token News Hongkong saying that they want me to be their campaign model for their Philippines Branch here in Manila. Then after the photoshoot, they told me that they’re looking for an interpreter, and they asked me if that’s something I would be interested in. I literally didn’t know the details but I found myself saying “yes.”

When I heard of it for the first time, my reaction was: “What is bitcoin? What is blockchain? What’s the big deal? Where is it needed?” But as I learn more about it, it became more and more interesting. I wanted to know more about it and spread it all over the world. I was so amazed by its immutable decentralized technology. I fell for its integrity and transparency.

It was a challenge for me that there are so many things to learn, but there are few women I can ask. It may be a male-dominated space right now, but I can guarantee that in the future, more women will be involved in this industry.

I’m not a feminist, and I believe in equality. I believe that blockchain has the potential to change the world and make it a more equal place and make it a better place for everyone.

This is my story and how I got the opportunity to be in this space.

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