Fashion Special: Haze Natividad


I heard about bitcoin a few years back. It was during the time when the value of bitcoin was cheaper than most of the smartphones today. However, I’ve only started getting entangled in the exciting world of blockchain technology early this year. Everything is new and looks dazzling, and it feels like the possibilities are endless.

“There are many things that have yet to be discovered that I found myself terrifyingly captivated—something that I haven’t felt for a long while.”

I mulled over its impact on society, on the country, and how many problems it could potentially solve. And then, I thought about the misconceptions about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the lack of awareness about this technology in the Philippines. This gave birth to the feeling that there is something I can do to reduce the bias, verify the truth and disseminate the information to the public.

So this is how I got involved too deep with no way out, and how BitChikka came about. Together with my co-founder, Tracy, we started to embark on a journey that would unravel the possibilities of this technology and reach out to the community and be the voice of truth. To be the bridge that would connect the community to the businesses that are hard at work creating solutions to the benefit of the public.

And this month, we celebrate femininity in an otherwise men-dominated industry. One of our advocacies has always been to empower women to explore territories that are historically dominated by men so that we—women—can bravely step forward and be whoever we want to be.

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