DEXON Mainnet Goes Live with Key Industry Supporters

DEXON announced the launch of mainnet on April 25, 2019 after operating six months of global test network. The launch is participated by industry players, including Gemstra, simplyBrand, Ledger, and KHAM.

In addition, the company unveiled a new brand identity and a revamped global website to reflect DEXON Foundation’s long-held commitment to building a universal blockchain ecosystem that hosts a variety of real-world applications.

“Blockchain technology has long been plagued by trade-offs between different properties that are key to mainstream adoption. The DEXON team, after a year of rigorous work, successfully overcome technical bottlenecks with our game-changing mainnet and is ready to develop more trusted, real-life blockchain solutions used on a mass scale,” said Wei-Ning Huang, co-founder and CTO of DEXON Foundation.

“Ultimately, DEXON will serve as a mutually beneficial platform that bolsters collaboration among enterprises, developers, community members, and end users around the globe,” added Huang.

He said the test network surpassed existing blockchain systems with 12,000 Transactions per Second (TPS) on a single shard and fast finality within one second. It showcases comparable performance to traditional centralized payment systems such as Visa. On DEXON’s mainnet, high scalability is not achieved at the cost of security and decentralization.

The innovative DEXON consensus algorithm is not only one of the very few algorithms mathematically proven to be immune to attacks from Byzantine nodes, it also delivers fair sortition based on Verifiable Random Function (VRF) that selects a subset of nodes (notary set) every hour as block producers. Unlike Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocols that require huge amounts of energy, DEXON is able to perform with high efficiency and negligible transaction fees, while supporting thousands of validators in the network, at the same time.

With the mainnet debut, DEXON joins hands with four companies, Gemstra, simplyBrand, Ledger, and KHAM, in digital commerce, cryptocurrency payment, and music industries, driving business innovations with blockchain services and experiences.

To better represent its innovative nature and brand promise to construct a globally accessible and reliable blockchain network, DEXON Foundation is rebranded from a remodeled logo, a new color palette, and a redesigned website, to core brand concepts including vision, mission, and values. The new branding features triangular elements in black and white, conveying DEXON Foundation’s focus on fairness, reliability, transparency, and accessibility.

Moving forward, DEXON plans to introduce a series of products to optimize its blockchain experiences: the Decentralized Exchange Protocol allowing anyone to build a decentralized exchange on the DEXON mainnet; DEXON’s Decentralized Exchange; SQL-VM that gives developers easier access to write smart contracts with SQL92 compatible language; and DVM and DEXLang supporting formal verification running on a high-performance virtual machine.

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