Christmas Special: Jacquiline Romorosa

Up close and personal interview with Head of AQWIRE Jacquiline Romorosa.  

How Jacquiline started in the space
It all started when Jacquiline was presented with an opportunity to work as an international business developer in Thailand. Her decision to work with a Thailand-based company offering blockchain-powered microlending, remittances, and merchant payments, Everex, set the scene for her exciting fast-paced journey into the world of decentralized technology.

While working for Everex, Jacquiline saw opportunities for remittance and microlending to have an impact in terms of social enterprise and helping women. This coincided with what she wanted to do all along, which was to help more people, women in particular. She summed up her experience with this statement,

“Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not really just about the profit. It’s about the experience—experiencing meeting new people, expanding your network, learning all about the technology and how it can revolutionize a lot of things…So from that time on, I decided to not look back. There is no looking back.”

Despite the current slump in the crypto market, she was confident that there were a lot of people who also believed that the technology would be here to stay.

Favorite cryptocurrencies
It came as no surprise when Jacquiline expressed that one of her favorite cryptocurrencies was ether (ETH) because not only it was not limited to being a cryptocurrency, anyone could also build projects on top of the technology. She was also taking note of power ledger (POWR) due to its striking resemblance to the previous project she was working on for Everex. She realized its potentials how the country would benefit from solar or renewable energy. Another one that she is keen on is everex (EVX). She also liked QEY, AQWIRE’s token that is built on Ethereum blockchain and can be used to access the features of the platform. This token would give property developers the ability to list their properties and gain access to buyers around the globe, while buyers would get an opportunity to have their remittance convenience fees waived and access specialized features in the platform.

What are your favorite blockchain projects aside from the project that you’re currently working on?
Jacquiline was interested in Loyalcoins and LifeMesh. She expressed admiration towards the loyalty company on how they build their loyal community and how it continuously onboard merchants to their platform. According to her, LifeMesh has a lot of potential in terms of working with disaster-prone countries that don’t have an effective plan on how to manage disasters like the Philippines and Indonesia.

Outside blockchain space
Jacquiline saw herself teaching university students about marketing and business development because she believed that this was something that was not being taught to most schools. She noted,

“Prepare our youth with the new technology that is coming. They should be aware of what’s going on outside of their classroom.”

Aside from this, she also realized the importance of teaching financial literacy to the young generation.

“Financial literacy is something that is not being taught to a lot of schools right now…That’s something that I would love to teach more youth in the country to prepare them in the future because I believe that they will be the next who are going to continue whatever initiatives we have right now,” said Jacquiline.

View Jacquiline Romorosa’s full interview here.

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