China ranks EOS first in 11th Crypto Rankings, Bitcoin fifteenth

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) Blockchain Research Institute just released its 11th Crypto Rankings which assessed 35 public chains according to basic technology, applicability, and innovation.

CCID 11th Crypto Rankings ranked DApp blockchain platform EOS first with 155.7 points.  Not far behind are fellow DApp blockchain platforms TRON and Ethereum with 146.7 points and 142.8 points respectively.

Largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin remains at a distant fifteenth. While it recovered to thirteenth in the previous CCID Crypto Rankings, it slid back to fifteenth this time around.

Notable is how Bitcoin is at the top five when it comes to innovation.  Innovation refers to the code’s updates and impact.  Joining Bitcoin in the top three when it comes to innovation are Ethereum and EOS.  Bitcoin did not fare as well in basic technology and applicability however.

Bitcoin Cash, for its part, made a re-entry to the top 35 after disappearing in the previous cycle but its comeback is far from being triumphant.  It had to settle with 31st spot after garnering 82.1 points.

Remaining consistent on both fronts was EOS.  It maintained top three status in basic technology while it did not lag behind in applicability which Ethereum dominated.

According to the institute’s standards, basic technology covers safety, performance, function, and decentralization.  Applicability, meanwhile, pertains to the public chain’s practical application.

TRON is another cryptocurrency that has maintained its momentum.  Making a strong debut in the previous CCID Crypto Rankings, it continues to be in second place.

Highest gainers in the latest rankings, meanwhile, are Tezos (from 30th to 17th), Waves (from 17th to 11th), Nebulas (from 14th to 5th), and Ethereum Classic (from 26th to 20th).

CCID Crypto Rankings are updated every month.  Evaluation is made by the CCID Blockchain Research Institute in coordination with the China’s Software Testing Center.

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