C Estates, Real estate tech platforms Prosperna join forces

MAKATI, March 12—Blockchain-powered real estate platform C Estates partners with real estate tech company Prosperna to redefine how real estate professionals and consumers do business in the real estate industry. 

Formally revealed on March 12 during The Real Estate Technology Revolution! event that highlighted digital transformation in the real estate industry in the Philippines, Prosperna and C Estates are all set to integrate their platforms to “make real estate transactions easier and more transparent.”

“The two real estate and property tech platforms companies share the same vision of revolutionizing the real estate industry in the Philippines. We’re partnering together to make real estate transactions easier and more transparent for the entire ecosystem of buyers and sellers of Philippine real estate,” said Prosperna CEO Dennis Velasco in an email to BitChikka. 

Prosperna is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform dedicated to helping real estate professionals sell faster and smarter. During the event, Velasco announced the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative. Once completed, Prosperna will become the first Filipino tech firm to develop an AI-powered CRM platform in the country.

Meanwhile, C Estates is essentially a one-stop shop platform for real estate services. It covers everything from buying properties to verifying property ownership. What makes C Estates unique is its use of blockchain technology by tokenizing real estate properties. Tokenization is transforming physical form to its virtual equivalent. Blockchain technology allows major transactions without too much external control. Expedited transactions, tougher security, and lowered costs are just some of this tech’s desirable results.

Together, Prosperna and C Estates are set to make a difference not just in the tech community, but in the real estate industry as a whole.

“When combined together, the two platforms will be able to provide an integrated and seamless experience for real estate professionals and companies to be able to have a single 360-view of all their (customer) history and transactions,” Velasco added.

Velasco envisions this merged platform to be a must-have for real estate professionals. Through the platform’s data, independent brokers and brokerage firms can have “a better understanding of their customer needs and then be proactive in addressing and fulfilling those needs.” This, he believes, is a major factor in driving up sales.

The Prosperna and C Estates merged platform is expected to be fully operational in the next three years. Velasco, meanwhile, urged real estate practitioners to invest in technology if only to stay ahead of the curve.

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