BitChikka’s Christmas and New Year photoshoot edition primer

BitChikka has introduced a photoshoot trend for the Philippine blockchain community last November where we featured our fashion x Halloween edition. We are continuing this trend with the aim to feature people from the local blockchain community and allow them to express themselves based on a specific theme and give opportunities to our readers to get to know them up close and personal. Thus, we are pleased to announce that we have just finished another successful photoshoot session with seven amazing participants from the industry yesterday.

We divided this photoshoot into two separate themes: Christmas theme for the ladies and New Year theme for the gentlemen. We’ve asked the participants to wear an outfit that matches the holiday season and look for an inspiration for their poses. The ladies were asked to describe their 2018 in a pose and the gentlemen were asked to describe how they would like to start their 2019 in a pose. We also have a video interview with each of the participants, sharing some of their personal blockchain stories and insights and what they do outside the blockchain scene.

This photoshoot is a creative collaboration between BitChikka and various individuals in the local blockchain community. We have provided them with the guidelines, suggestions, and props and we were surprised to see how creative and enthusiastic they were on preparing and planning for their looks and poses.

This initiative gave us an opportunity to get to know more about the interesting people who make up the local blockchain community. Seeing them exchanging lively banters outside a panel discussion or blockchain-related speaking engagement is something that we don’t usually encounter on the regular community meetups, and we would like to take this opportunity to share these never-before-seen scenes with our readers and followers.

Watch out for more photos, write-ups, and video interviews of these amazing individuals this coming Christmas and New Year.

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