BitChikka Announces Rebrand to Crypto Finance News

BitChikka, one of the few blockchain and cryptocurrency-dedicated websites in the country, is changing its name and extending its coverage to global landscape.

Hazel Natividad, one of the original founders of BitChikka, recently announced the rebranding of the website to Crypto Finance News (CFN). The shift in name was unveiled on 7 May to reflect the new direction of the news website.

“We wanted to showcase the expansion of our audience reach, as well as the new direction where our news portal is heading. What started as a a hobby between  enthusiasts in the blockchain space, we now want to step up our game starting with our name change to Crypto Finance News.”

According to Natividad, since its inception in early 2018, the website had attracted significant traffic both from the domestic and offshore crypto communities.

“We are getting inquiries and request for cooperation from local blockchain companies as well as from abroad. Lately, the growing interest in fintech in the Philippines has opened new opportunities for us to help the public understand more how these technological innovations could help them achieve financial independence,” she added.

From the previous focus on providing blockchain and crypto assets news locally, CFN would soon cover the global blockchain and fintech ecosystems, with the aim of encouraging mass adoption of the distributed ledger technology in applicable industries, while educating the readers about financial technology.

At the same time, Natividad said she has partnered with Carmelo Manalo, a veteran reporter and one of the pioneer journalists covering the blockchain space.

“I started writing about blockchain in 2010, right when it was just starting when I was the Asian editor for a financial news publication based in German. In 2017, I was offered a writing position by a crypto publication and was tasked to cover the Asian scene. That got me involved with the space and I am a strong believer of its potentials,” Manalo stated.

CFN had initiated the reformatting of its website, logo, and name to reflect the changes.

“You can expect many improvements from us to better serve the public and the community,” Manalo promised.

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