AQWIRE and Revolution Precrafted seal partnership

AQWIRE and Revolution Precrafted have officially signed their partnership to bring the real estate market to the next level. In a statement, Mr. Ray Refundo of AQWIRE stated that the two companies are set to make a difference.

AQWIRE is a FinTech company that handles cross-border real estate transactions powered by a smart contract, a self-executing and irreversible computer protocol intended to digitally verify, facilitate, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract without the help of intermediaries.

“We’re developing several smart contract applications that will replace many of the steps in international purchase of real estate. From looking for your financing to booking, listing, and reservations. We’re really excited to launch this platform as Revolution Precrafted will be our first client,” said Ray Refundo, founder and CEO of Qwikwire.

AQWIRE enables property developers, brokers, and agents from all around the world to market their properties across the globe. On the other hand, Revolution Precrafted is a global company that offers pre-crafted properties such as homes, pavilions, pop-ups, museums, and furniture. They have about 80 architects, artists, and designers who create and design exclusive prefabricated livable spaces and modular properties. Revolution Precrafted has established its presence in 6 continents and 24 countries around the world. It manages billion-dollar worth of real estate transactions.

The two companies envision to bring closer to potential property buyers a wide array of choices that are not limited by the geographical location they are in. With this partnership, foreign investors and developers can tap into global real estate transactions. Both parties also brandish the fact that property buyers can access a variety of property units across the world without having to deal with intermediaries. This partnership will not only reduce the time involved in real estate transactions but also its cost.

“We are excited to work with a technology partner that offers a global platform and marketplace, where developers, suppliers and home builders such as Revolution Precrafted can directly connect with global potential buyers,” Revolution Precrafted Founder and CEO Robbie Antonio told BitChikka.

The activities in AQWIRE platform will involve the utilization of smart contract technology on Ethereum Network to process cross-border real-estate transactions. It is engineered to remove the barriers usually present in international real estate space.

The AQWIRE token is called “QEY”. These tokens are built on the ERC-20 token standard, which gives it the ability to be transacted on the Ethereum blockchain. QEY is coded in such a way that will surely entice its future clientele. The coin can get clients discounts on reservation and property payments. They can also be provided with global and regional real estate market report, and live data and trends on real estate investments in a specific area, and access to properties, rentals, and vacation homes. Within this platform, transactions can be made by using credit cards, debit cards, international bank transfers, and through cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency payment gateway is powered by SCI Ventures. Earlier this year, AQWIRE and SCI also announced their partnership.

Revolution Precrafted is set to list 30,000 units on AQWIRE’s platform within a year and a half. The company will handle this by harnessing the power of the blockchain to market these properties to customers worldwide.

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